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About Us

Graphics Xtreme was founded August 16th 2007. We specialize in various designs, from simple personal web sites to small business sites. We provide graphics, logos, site creation as well as hosting options for your newly created site.

Because of our partnership with Save N Host, we are able to include hosting with our web site design packages. Everything you need to get your site up, and running, as soon as possible.

Hi, Glen here...

I've been producing web sites and graphic designs since I got my first $2400, 166-MHz Acer computer w/16MB RAM. That was near top of the line back then.

I've always enjoyed creating web sites, graphical elements, logos, and what not. I've done web sites for friends and businesses for many years.

Now I put that experience to work for Graphics Xtreme and its clients. From personal sites to complete business sites, I'll do my best to create a marketable online and offline business identity. I look forward to working with you.

I also handle the marketing end as well. With my experience successfully marketing dozens of sites and web design background, you can rest assured you will not only have a site you'll love, but one that can be found in the search engines as well.

Hey Mike here...

I handle everything else. I'm kind of the backbone that keeps everything running properly, such as Customer Service, Support Tickets, Technical help with your web site, If you need help I'll be there to the best of my abilities.

I also design sites as well and perform maintenance plan duties to sites that require them. You'll receive outstanding support that you can count on.

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