Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Hosting Options

Just Need hosting? We can help with that too.

Save N Host offers two packages at very reasonable rates to meet your specific needs. You can choose which, depending on your company's size and needs.

If you're unsure what you might need, we will be able to suggest the right choices for you. Later, you can always upgrade and add additional items as you need them.

This way you won't end up paying more for a plan full off things you won't need.

For instance, many people feel they need much more space than they really do and that hundreds of gigabytes of bandwidth is needed. It's not true, and frankly it's more of a "dangling the keys in front of the baby" type of approach. Not one of our costumers have out grown their plan as of 09/09/12 and we been in business since 08/2007.

The main thing you should to be concerned with is server speed, reliability, and security. Save N Host's servers are those of Host Planet. We do not go through some guy that rents from some other guy that rents from someone else.

In fact, you are hosted directly on the same servers as clients such as the FBI and U.S. Military. Host Planet's credentials and uptime are unmatched.

Well, if your not off purchasing a hosting plan and have questions about anything, click below to continue to the Contact Page so we can start helping you with your needs.

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